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9. Tips for Resellers

In this post, we will try to gather the tips that you are sending us to increase your sales by taking full advantage of our website.

  • 1. Download and publish designs before buying them, that way you can take full advantage of the packs published on the website!
  • 2.Give your own style to the images you download from our website, we upload them with a transparent background so you can easily edit them with Photoshop, CorelDraw, or any simple image editor.
  • 3.Organize your time well, we make designs on demand, so you can also offer them taking advantage of the design times we publish, or urgent orders.

There are also many customers looking for our designs printed in their countries, for which we have opened a list where you can sign up so we can refer customers within your delivery area. To sign up, leave your WhatsApp, Instagram or email details informing us of your country/delivery area.