• 1 What should I buy?
    In this post, we explain which product to buy according to your needs. If I want to buy a custom design If I want to buy a design that is not on the website If I need it urgently If I want a cutter with different Chafan, Base or Margin If I need a Bath … Read more
  • 2 How to buy custom designs and sizes
    To buy custom designs or sizes, you can do it in 2 ways, the first is through this link: To buy custom designs or sizes, you can do it in 2 ways, the first is through this link:
  • 3 Design Request
    Comment what designs you want us to upload on our website! 😁 You can send images of the design you are looking for to our
  • 4 Cookie cutter with handle
    🙌From now 08/12/2022 we will begin to change all our past designs, to cookie cutter with handle, so when you download a file on our website you get: Simple, Reinforced and Cookiecutter with stamp. @cookiecutterstl making a cute #kuromi with magic #sand #satisfying #foryou ♬ Cute and pop music for dog and cat Youtube videos(1032396) … Read more
  • 5 Print Settings
    To have an optimal result with our designs, we leave you some basic settings to configure your slicer software. We recommend CURA this version: Layer Height: 0.26 mm Infill: 20% Printing speed: 35 to 70mm/s supports not needed Download the print profiles Advanced Settings (Modify G-Code) Simple Version: Add the following scriptsLayer Nº2 Speed … Read more
  • 6 What do I get when I buy an STL file?
    When you buy an STL file you receive 3 Zip files with 2 version light, reinforced and the version with handle.For example: We recommend downloading them to view them.
  • 7 Change the size of our designs
    Our designs usually have an approximate diameter of 8cm, and for them, we provide a size conversion chart. This will help you adjust the size of the designs according to your needs. Expansion in XY Expansion in Z Final diameter 40% 0,18 3cm 60% 0,12 4,2cm 80% 0,06 5,5cm 120% -0,06 9,5cm 140% -0,12 11cm … Read more
  • 8. How do the Packs work?
    In, we sell designs for $0.70 / $0.50 each. However, we also offer three package options that may be more economical for you. The Pack Enterprise is designed for large companies and comes with a $350 balance in our store. The cost of this package is $125. The Pack Business is designed for small … Read more
  • 9. Tips for Resellers
    In this post, we will try to gather the tips that you are sending us to increase your sales by taking full advantage of our website. 1. Download and publish designs before buying them, that way you can take full advantage of the packs published on the website! 2.Give your own style to the images … Read more