• 1 What should I buy?
    In this post, we explain which product to buy according to your needs. If I want to buy a custom design If I want to buy a design that is not on the website If I need it urgently If I want a cutter with different Chafan, Base or Margin If I need a Bath […]
  • 2 How to buy custom designs and sizes
    To buy custom designs or sizes, you can do it in 2 ways, the first is through this link: To buy custom designs or sizes, you can do it in 2 ways, the first is through this link:
  • 3 Design Request
    Comment what designs you want us to upload on our website! 😁 You can send images of the design you are looking for to our
  • 4 Cookie cutter with handle
    🙌From now 08/12/2022 we will begin to change all our past designs, to cookie cutter with handle, so when you download a file on our website you get: Simple, Reinforced and Cookiecutter with stamp. @cookiecutterstl making a cute #kuromi with magic #sand #satisfying #foryou ♬ Cute and pop music for dog and cat Youtube videos(1032396) […]
  • 5 Print Settings
    To have an optimal result with our designs, we leave you some basic settings to configure your slicer software. We recommend CURA this version: Layer Height: 0.26 mm Infill: 20% Printing speed: 35 to 70mm/s supports not needed Download the print profiles Advanced Settings (Modify G-Code) Simple Version: Add the following scriptsLayer Nº2 Speed […]
  • 6 What do I get when I buy an STL file?
    When you buy an STL file you receive 3 Zip files with 2 version light, reinforced and the version with handle.For example: We recommend downloading them to view them.
  • 7 Change the size of our designs
    Our designs usually have an approximate diameter of 8cm, and for them, we provide a size conversion chart. This will help you adjust the size of the designs according to your needs. Expansion in XY Expansion in Z Final diameter 40% 0,18 3cm 60% 0,12 4,2cm 80% 0,06 5,5cm 120% -0,06 9,5cm 140% -0,12 11cm […]
  • 8. How do the Packs work?
    In, we sell designs for $0.70 / $0.50 each. However, we also offer three package options that may be more economical for you. The Pack Enterprise is designed for large companies and comes with a $350 balance in our store. The cost of this package is $125. The Pack Business is designed for small […]